Noul MacBook este viitorul, dar Apple a făcut prea multe compromisuri. Iată ce spun primele recenzii

Lansarea noului MacBook cu ecran de 12 inchi a fost aproape complet umbrită de numeroasele noutăți legate de Apple Watch ce au apărut pe Internet în ultimele ore. Ideea este că mâine, în același moment în care Apple Watch va putea fi precomandat și încercat în magazinele Apple, noul MacBook prezentat pe 9 martie va putea fi cumpărat din toate Apple Store-urile și magazinele partenerilor companiei.


În aceste condiții, la aproximativ 24 de ore după ce au publicat recenziile Apple Watch, o serie de publicații de peste Ocean (dar nu numai), care au primit de la Apple cel mai nou laptop pentru testare, au publicat în această seară și primele recenzii ale noului MacBook. Mai jos am inclus câteva pasaje semnificative din recenziile publicate acum, recenzii care ne ajută să ne facem o imagine mai clară asupra ce înseamnă viitorul notebookurilor și care vor influența probabil deciziile de cumpărare ale unora dintre noi.

Majoritatea jurnaliștilor care l-au testat, s-au îndrăgostit de dimensiunile foarte reduse ale noului MacBook care aduc cu ele o portabilitate nemaiîntâlnită la un laptop Apple. O impresie poate chiar la fel de bună au făcut-o și ecranul Retina sau Trackpadul Force Touch, două caracteristici pe care mulți și le-ar fi dorit pe MacBook Air. Cu toate acestea, balanța este echilibrată și de aspectele mai puțin pozitive ale noului MacBook, care sunt date de compromisurile pe care Apple a fost nevoită să le facă pentru a realiza un notebook atât de subțire și ușor – eliminarea multor porturi necesare, tastatura și viteza de procesare fiind câteva dintre ele. Aproape toate recenziile au arătat cu degetul către noul procesor Intel Core M, evidențiind faptul că este mult mai lent decât procesoarele Intel incluse pe celelalte MacBook-uri, făcând astfel noul computer să fie adresat celor care nu au cerințe prea mari. Deși rulează destul de greu aplicațiile care au nevoie de multă putere de procesare – cum ar fi Photoshop sau Logic Pro – , noul MacBook nu cedează.

Din păcate pentru Apple, nu doar puterea de procesare este o problemă a noului MacBook, ci și tastatura. Mai mulți jurnaliști susțin că tastatura ce are un nou mecanism nu le-a făcut o primă impresie foarte bună, însă în timp au reușit să se obișnuiască oarecum cu ea. Lipsa porturilor este un alt aspect care a deranjat foarte tare. Deși cei mai mulți jurnaliști au fost încântați de faptul că Apple încurajează USB Type-C, ei au fost dezamăgiți că a inclus doar un astfel de port – mai ales în condițiile în care el se află la început de drum, iar pe piață nu să găsesc prea multe accesorii compatibile, deci utilizatorii sunt obligați să cumpere multe adaptoare.

Durata de viață a bateriei MacBook a fost și ea oarecum criticată în condițiile în care ea a variat foarte mult și puțini au fost aceia care au obținut cele 9 ore de utilizare pe web promise de Apple. Per total, jurnaliștii au conchis că la fel cum primul model de MacBook Air nu a fost perfect, dar a reușit să revoluționeze piața de notebookuri, așa și noul MacBook reprezintă viitorul, chiar dacă prima generație nu este recomandată prea multora dintre consumatori.


[pull_quote_center]The most important thing about the new MacBook, to me, isn’t necessarily what it is now, but what it represents. In five years, the sea of MacBook Airs and MacBook Air-style machines we see now at Starbucks will be replaced by machines that look more like the new MacBook.[/pull_quote_center]



My initial impression of the original MacBook Air from 2008 feels timely and fitting here. Of that laptop, which was considered both groundbreaking and frustratingly limited, I said:

“The design is revolutionary, but Apple’s MacBook Air will appeal to a smaller, more specialized audience than the standard MacBook, thanks to a stripped-down set of connections and features.”

Likewise, this new MacBook will also be the right fit for a smaller segment of a public than the more universally useful 13-inch MacBook Air or Pro. But those who can work with the limitations — primarily a lack of ports, shorter battery life, performance that’s not suited for pro-level photo and video editing, and a shallow keyboard that takes some getting used to — will love its sharp display, slim and light body, and responsive touchpad.

My primary caveat is this — if history is any guide, you can count on a near-future generation of this laptop boosting its utility by doubling the number of USB-C ports to at least two. So like many new technology products, it may be worth waiting for the next version, even if having a 12-inch, two-pound gold MacBook right now will make you the coolest kid at the coffee shop.


The Verge

[pull_quote_center]Basically, if you do anything that’s going to really tax the processor, this laptop probably isn’t going to cut it for you. In that sense it’s actually kind of like a Chromebook. It’s fast enough for 70 percent of what I do, but a little slower than what I’m used to. For about 20 percent of what I do — mostly photo editing — it works but requires patience. But it’s the last 10 percent that’s hard: video editing, really big iPhoto libraries, basically anything processor-intensive can get rough.[/pull_quote_center]

Ars Technica

[pull_quote_center]The port situation is the biggest problem. The question isn’t whether people can live with only one port, but whether they’ll want to put up with it when there are so many other options available. Using the MacBook as a primary computer requires you to subscribe to a mostly wireless lifestyle that not everyone is going to be ready for, and even if you already use Macs switching to a MacBook means throwing your dongle and cable arsenal out and starting over. […]

Ultimately the new MacBook feels like a first-generation product–a very good first-generation product, but a first-generation product nevertheless. It’s got some promise and a couple of major shortcomings and you don’t need to be the first person who takes the leap into the Brave New Future it represents.[/pull_quote_center]



If money is no issue for you, you want a significantly smaller laptop, and you don’t mind being limited by a lack of ports, then maybe upgrading to the new MacBook makes sense for you.

But if you rely on USB ports and SD card slots, this MacBook’s single port for charging, storage transfers and other functionality will really bug you.

In a few years, we may look back on this laptop’s missing USB ports like we look back on the original MacBook Air’s absent Ethernet port or missing optical disk drive (here’s that 2008 review by Walt Mossberg), thinking, “Who needed that?” We’re just not quite there yet.



[pull_quote_center]I came to the MacBook with certain expectations; specifically, that it would not be able to meet my more „pro” level needs, in terms of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Luckily, the MacBook defied those expectations and performed well with each of the above applications.

Which isn’t to say performance is on par with, say, the brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro — it isn’t. But pre-launch concerns of this machine being seriously hampered by its low-power Intel M processor were, in my experience, very premature. The new MacBook handled the tasks I threw at it so well that I am no seriously considering whether or not I can adopt one full-time, as a replacement to my original 2012 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro road warrior.[/pull_quote_center]

Fast Company

[pull_quote_center]That’s the thing about the new MacBook: It doesn’t cater to exactly the same audience as any existing Mac. It’s a really good laptop—assuming you can figure out how to make USB-C make sense for you—and yet its size, weight, and overall minimalism give it an iPad-like persona. The thinking behind it is a different, more subtle way of mixing PC and tablet than all those other devices that try to be both at once. But like the original 2008 MacBook Air before it, this specialty Mac could also be a blueprint for the next generation of mainstream notebooks.[/pull_quote_center]

Yahoo Tech

[pull_quote_center]The new MacBook is really small and thin and great-looking. I mean, you could practically fold it into a paper airplane. And when the FedEx man arrives, he can slip it under your front door. But unless you’re a well-heeled executive who doesn’t do much besides write, email, and surf the Web, the price you pay — in speed, utility, and, yes, price — is just too high.[/pull_quote_center]


[pull_quote_center]With the new keyboard and trackpad innovations, lust-inducing industrial design, and impressive downsizing of internal components, the MacBook feels like a an important next step in the evolution of portable computers. But this machine isn’t for everyone, particularly those who expect extremes from their devices. Still, if you prioritize style, need something ultraportable, and don’t mind trading power for a crisp and clear Retina display, then the perfect computer may have arrived.[/pull_quote_center]

Tom’s Guide/Laptop

[pull_quote_center]My initial reaction to the MacBook was that it was too ahead of its time, but there are lots of things I love about it right now. The new butterfly keyboard and touchpad design make this 2-pound wonder surprisingly comfortable to use for long stretches, and the ultrabright and colorful Retina display make the experience all the more pleasant. Apple’s engineers also deserve a shout-out for the loud and clear speakers that put laptops twice as big to shame.[/pull_quote_center]


[pull_quote_center]The MacBook’s Retina screen is joy to behold. As someone who has grown addicted to high-res displays, having such crisp visuals on a notebook this small is fantastic. In fact, I’m not sure how I’m going to return to my 13-inch MacBook Air.

Colors pop, text is crisp, and everything is visible from all angles. Using it outdoors or in low light was no problem — the screen is great.[/pull_quote_center]


[pull_quote_center]That’s the thing, though: While USB Type-C ports will one day become industry standard, they’re still uncommon enough that you will need a dongle to plug in any of your peripherals that use a full-sized USB Type-A connector. In my case, that meant I couldn’t charge my phone off my laptop. I also couldn’t use the USB headset I normally wear while podcasting and making voice recordings. If I did want to use my USB gadgets, I would have had to plug in a $79 adapter — that’s right, it’s not even included in the box. Again, I expect USB Type-C will one day be the norm, and it’s possible that your needs are simple enough that you can already live without the full-sized USB ports.[/pull_quote_center]

Wall Street Journal

[pull_quote_center]I expect the new MacBook to follow the same path as the Air. Over the next few years, it will improve, and become an affordable, indispensable tool for life in the future. But here, now, in the present day, there are more practical slim, everyday laptop choices. The MacBook Air is the best option all around, the MacBook Pro Retina 13 is a great step up, and PC users can do no better than Dell’s latest XPS 13.[/pull_quote_center]

Alex Popa
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