Primele recenzii Apple Watch confirmă că ceasul este mai mult un moft decât o necesitate

Nici două zile nu ne mai despart de data la care Apple Watch va putea fi testat în Apple Store și precomandat de către toți clienții interesați, așa că unele dintre cele mai importante publicații au publicat în ultimele ore recenziile ceasului. Ca de obicei, vorbim despre publicații privilegiate ale căror jurnaliști au primit de la compania Apple cel mai nou produs al său, precum și două brățări pentru a-l testa și prezenta cititorilor lor.

Captură de ecran din 2015.04.08 la 21.09.22

Fiecare dintre aceste publicații au primit aparent câte un Apple Watch pentru testare în urmă cu o săptămână, timpul fiind suficient pentru ca fiecare dintre jurnaliștii care l-au testat să-și formeze o opinie despre primul produs revoluționar lansat de către Apple după cinci ani de așteptare. Opiniile lor ne ajută și pe noi să înțelegem mai mult acest produs nou și mai ales care este necesitatea unui smartwatch odată cu intrarea pe piață a companiei Apple.

Majoritatea celor care au prezentat Apple Watch au căzut de acord că ceasul gigantului din Cupertino stabilește un nou standard pentru categoria smartwatch-uri. Cu toate acestea, la fel ca și orice primă generație a unui produs, Apple Watch are unele probleme în ceea ce privește performanțele sale și unele elemente. Printre aceste probleme se numără, de exemplu, cele legate de notificări, acestea fiind de cele mai multe ori perturbative pentru utilizator. Alte probleme sesizate de unii sunt legate de performanțele aplicațiilor, care mai degrabă sunt dezamăgitoare – lucru de așteptat ținând cont și de faptul că pentru a rula pe ceas, aceste aplicații au momentan nevoie de conexiunea la un iPhone.

Având în vedere problemele pe care le are, mulți dintre jurnaliști au conchis că Apple Watch nu este chiar pentru oricine și nici nu este o necesitate. Cu toate acestea, el reprezintă viitorul și probabil, așa cum s-a întâmplat în cazul iPhone, versiunile viitoare vor acoperi problemele și găurile existente.

Mai jos aveți câteva fragmente, clipurile video și linkurile către unele dintre recenziile publicate astăzi:

 Bloomberg Business

[pull_quote_center]The watch is not life-changing. It is, however, excellent. Apple will sell millions of these devices, and many people will love and obsess over them. It is a wonderful component of a big ecosystem that the company has carefully built over many years. It is more seamless and simple than any of its counterparts in the marketplace. It is, without question, the best smartwatch in the world.[/pull_quote_center]

The New York Times


By notifying me of digital events as soon as they happened, and letting me act on them instantly, without having to fumble for my phone, the Watch become something like a natural extension of my body—a direct link, in a way that I’ve never felt before, from the digital world to my brain.

There’s a good chance it will not work perfectly for most consumers right out of the box, because it is best after you fiddle with various software settings to personalize use. Indeed, to a degree unusual for a new Apple device, the Watch is not suited for tech novices.

It is designed for people who are inundated with notifications coming in through their phones, and for those who care to think about, and want to try to manage, the way the digital world intrudes on their lives.


The Verge

[quote_box_center]As an object, it makes sense that the Watch is not nearly as cold and minimal as Apple’s recent phones and tablets and laptops. It has to be warmer, cozier. It has to invite you to touch it and take it with you all the time. Take the bands off and it’s a little miracle of technology and engineering and manufacturing, a dense package containing more sensors and processing power than anyone could have even dreamed a few decades ago. It’s a supercomputer on your wrist, but it’s also a bulbous, friendly little thing, far more round than I expected, recalling nothing quite so much as the first-generation iPhone. It is unbelievably high tech and a little bit silly, a masterpiece of engineering with a Mickey Mouse face. It is quintessentially Apple.[/quote_box_center]

The Wall Street Journal

[pull_quote_center]I’ve found the Apple Watch isn’t a replacement for the iPhone, but it’s the right screen for many important things. I only look at it in blips, for rarely more than five seconds. It shows me the weather with one finger swipe. It gets physical, gently tapping my wrist when something important needs my attention and lighting up when I lift my arm to look. It nudges when I’ve been sitting too long.[/pull_quote_center]


[pull_quote_center]Not everyone has an iPhone 5 or later, which is required for the watch to work. Not everyone wants her wrist pulsing with notifications, finds animated emojis thrilling or needs to control an Apple TV with her wrist. Smartwatches can sometimes feel like a solution in search of a problem. […]

One day this past week, I woke up at 5:15 am, exercised for an hour using the Watch, ran Maps during my commute, made phones calls and received notifications throughout the whole day, and by 11:00 pm the Watch was just hitting its Power Reserve point.[/pull_quote_center]

 Yahoo Tech


The Apple Watch is light-years better than any of the feeble, clunky efforts that have come before it. The screen is nicer, the software is refined and bug-free, the body is real jewelry. First-time technologies await at every turn: Magnetic bands, push-to-release straps, wrist-to-wrist drawings or Morse codes, force pressing, credit-card payments from the wrist. And the symbiosis with the iPhone is graceful, out of your way, and intelligent.

But the true answer to that question is this: You don’t need one. Nobody needs a smartwatch. After all, it’s something else to buy, care for, charge every night. It’s another cable to pack and track. Your phone already serves most of its purposes. With the battery-life situation as it is, technology is just barely in place to make such a device usable at all.



[pull_quote_center]Apple Watch does as much, maybe more, than competing smartwatches, but it doesn’t demand that you pay attention to it. It also succeeded in its most important task: Getting me to keep my iPhone in my pocket. That’s a pretty impressive feat. Is my life better because of it? It’s too soon to tell. But what I do know is that I thoroughly enjoy wearing it.[/pull_quote_center]


[pull_quote_center]The watch is beautiful and promising — the most ambitious wearable that exists. But in an attempt to do everything in the first generation, the Apple Watch still leaves plenty to be desired. Short battery life compared with other watches and higher prices are the biggest flags for now. But Apple is just setting sail, and it has a long journey ahead.[/pull_quote_center]

Techpinions blog

[quote_box_center]It is rare in this industry to get to experience the beginning of something new, something for which you have no frame of reference. While not a stand-alone computer (yet), I’m convinced the Apple Watch represents something completely new. It is a unique way to interact in a digital world. I say this having used nearly every smartwatch to hit the market over the last few years. None of them felt like a mass market product but more for a tech enthusiast or early adopter. The Apple Watch is easily the first smartwatch I’ve used that was designed for the average consumer.[/quote_box_center]

Daring Fireball

[pull_quote_center]I’ve worn a watch every day since I was in 7th grade, almost 30 years ago. I’m used to being able to see the time with just a glance whenever there is sufficient light. Apple Watch is somewhat frustrating in this regard. Even when Wrist Raise detection works perfectly, it takes a moment for the watch face to appear. There’s an inherent tiny amount of lag that isn’t there with a regular watch.

Some other specific examples. I was in New York last week, and stopped to have coffee with a friend in the afternoon. He had a meeting to get to, and I wanted to catch a 4:00 train home to Philadelphia. I was sitting on a low bench, leaning forward, elbows on my knees. It got to 3:00 or so, and I started glancing at my watch every few minutes. But it was always off, because my wrist was already positioned with the watch face up. The only way I could check the time was to artificially flick my wrist or to use my right hand to tap the screen — in either case, a far heavier gesture than the mere glance I’d have needed with my regular watch.[/pull_quote_center]


[pull_quote_center]In my opinion, there is no learning curve with Apple Watch; there is a discovery curve. Users will find different ways to perform the same tasks and the Apple Watch will learn more about the user and adapt to them as time goes by, thus refining and enriching the user experience.[/pull_quote_center]

The Telegraph

[pull_quote_center]This sounds complicated, and it does feel complicated initially. I’ve got used to it, but I still occasionally feel there is one button press too many. If the display isn’t on, for instance, it takes two clicks of the crown to get the device to turn on then move from watchface to apps. It’s hard to see how to do it better, but its imperfect nonetheless.[/pull_quote_center]


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