La 24 de ore de la lansarea versiunii finale a iOS 8.1.2 pentru toți utilizatorii de iPhone și iPad compatibile cu iOS 8, compania Apple a publicat în cursul acestei seri cea de-a doua versiune beta a iOS 8.2. Cea mai recentă versiune beta a iOS 8.2 a fost lansată la aproximativ trei săptămâni distanță de prima versiune beta și are build-ul 12D445d.

Noua versiune a iOS este disponibilă pentru descărcare și recomandată tuturor dezvoltatorilor de aplicații înregistrați pe Apple Developer Center. iOS 8.2 beta 2 conține corecturi de probleme și îmbunătățiri în privința performanțelor, dar și alte mici modificări pe care le vom menționa pe măsură ce vor fi descoperite.

Potrivit notițelor lansării, iOS 8.2 beta 2 conține corecturi de probleme pentru tastaturi care împiedicau afișarea acestora în Safari, Hărți sau alte aplicații de la terți în simulatorul iOS. Mai mult, actualizarea include compatibilitate cu dialectul din Singapore pentru Siri. Alături de aceste corecturi, compania Apple menționează și câteva corecturi legate de noul WatchKit. Mai precis, compania americană a reparat o eroare gravă care împiedica deschiderea aplicațiilor din notificări, o eroare care cauza ca aplicațiile WatchKit să nu funcționeze deloc în simulatorul iOS 8 și multe altele. Notițele lansării iOS 8.2 beta 2 sunt listate la sfârșitul acestui articol.

Dezvoltatorii de aplicații pot efectua actualizarea la iOS 8.2 beta 2 direct de pe propriile dispozitive iPhone, iPad sau iPod touch înregistrate în conturile lor accesând Configurări>General>Actualizare software. De asemenea, actualizarea poate fi efectuată și prin intermediul iTunes. Recomandarea noastră rămâne să descărcați iOS 8.2 beta 2 doar dacă sunteți dezvoltator de aplicații ori dacă aveți dispozitivul înregistrat în contul unui dezvoltator.

iOS 8.2 include SDK-ul WatchKit ce permite dezvoltatorilor să creeze aplicații, Glance-uri și notificări speciale pentru viitorul Apple Watch pe care gigantul din Cupertino îl va lansa în 2015. Data lansării versiunii finale a iOS 8.2 rămâne incertă.

Alături de iOS 8.2 beta 2, compania Apple a mai lansat Xcode 6.2 beta

iOS 8.2 beta 2 – notițele lansării


iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 8.2 Beta 2



iOS SDK 8.2 provides support for developing iOS apps. The SDK is packaged with a complete set of tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating apps for iOS and OS X. The tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool, among many others.

With this software, you can develop apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8. It now includes WatchKit, a framework for developing Apple Watch apps. You can test your apps using the included iOS Simulator.

iOS SDK 8.2 requires a Mac computer running OS X v10.9.3 (Mavericks) or later.

This version of iOS is intended for installation only on devices registered with the Apple Developer Program. Attempting to install this version of iOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state.

For more information and additional support resources, visit

Bug Reporting

For issues not mentioned in the Notes and Known Issues section, please file bugs through the Apple Developer website ( Additionally, you may discuss these issues and iOS SDK 8.2 in the Apple Developer Forums: To get more information about iCloud for Developers, go to

Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using iOS SDK 8.2 to develop code.



A single MARKDOWN_HASHbac3da292a3ab3115dd77ddffe29deecMARKDOWN_HASH instance can no longer be set as a value on multiple CKRecords.

Document Providers


  • Your app needs the iCloud entitlement to be able to be used as a document provider.

  • The MARKDOWN_HASH00f35e65c39cb6ab99885ed1c66c5211MARKDOWN_HASH entitlement is required.

Known Issues

  • After rotating the document picker to landscape, the status bar is hidden.

  • Upon bringing up the document picker in landscape, the containing view may be shifted beneath the navigation bar.

App extensions


  • App extensions need an arm64 slice to run on 64-bit devices. If you try to run the armv7 slice on a 64-bit device it won’t work.

  • Apps need to have an arm64 slice if the bundle contains a framework that both the app and the app extension link against.

File System


The file system layout of app containers has changed on disk. Rather than relying on hard-coded directory structure, use the MARKDOWN_HASH69b175d1346e3b1bbcffa76d2698789cMARKDOWN_HASH function or the MARKDOWN_HASH3d5682a582e583b01341ba19be0b2257MARKDOWN_HASH method of the MARKDOWN_HASH7a15e5de48738da5105f900a84fb0449MARKDOWN_HASHclass. See Accessing Files and Directories in File System Programming Guide.



The Thai system font has increased in size to improve readability. This will cause clipping in many places in your UI if you don’t take appropriate action:

  1. Use MARKDOWN_HASH1918b98ebabb17db4cc1f0879b128aa4MARKDOWN_HASH as much as possible. If you use Interface Builder, make sure that Clip Subviews is not checked. UIKit will grow the clipping region as necessary to not clip text.

  2. Use Dynamic Type. This will ensure that you do not have overlapping glyphs in multiline labels or text fields.

If you can’t do 1 and 2 because you implement your own views, you must implement measures not to clip. You can use CoreText to figure out the appropriate clipping region for a line of text by calling:

CTLineGetBoundsWithOptions(lineRef, kCTLineBoundsIncludeLanguageExtents);

To avoid overlapping glyphs in multiline text elements, adjust the line height. An additional 30% is recommended.

This measure will also help your app perform better in other languages, including Arabic, Hindi, and Vietnamese.



Mail handoff and AirDrop may stop working after changing your iCloud password at

Workaround: Sign out and back into iCloud on the device.

iCloud Drive


MARKDOWN_HASH7b3e86d4c7dbd733bf433f3310d2967fMARKDOWN_HASH might return MARKDOWN_HASH852438d026c018c4307b916406f98c62MARKDOWN_HASH when running your application in Xcode. If so, open System Preferences, navigate to iCloud > iCloud Drive, and enable Xcode.


Fixed in beta 2

Additional keyboards, including 3rd party keyboards, may not appear in Safari, Maps, or 3rd party apps in iOS Simulator.


Known Issue

Your device may get into a state where tapping into Messages conversations can take a long time.

Workaround: Reboot the device.

Notification Center


The schedule and intended use of MARKDOWN_HASH18b6cd7afad4dace652a693aee7d7d9bMARKDOWN_HASH is intended as a convenient home for all data/model update logic. If implemented, the system will call at opportune times for the widget to update its state, both when Notification Center is visible, as well as in the background. An implementation is required to enable background updates. It’s expected that the widget will perform the work to update asynchronously and off the main thread as much as possible. Widgets should call the argument block when the work is complete, passing the appropriate MARKDOWN_HASH5e3ef3a8307d02868792fe7fce1440a0MARKDOWN_HASH. Widgets should NOT block returning from MARKDOWN_HASH02a4c8da6c9258992c7ffd2bd3f578eeMARKDOWN_HASH on the results of this operation. Instead, widgets should load cached state in MARKDOWN_HASH02a4c8da6c9258992c7ffd2bd3f578eeMARKDOWN_HASH in order to match the state of the view from the last MARKDOWN_HASHfc021d35bb0e1df5c5a7c875ec3a3572MARKDOWN_HASH, then transition smoothly to the new data when it arrives.



The MARKDOWN_HASH4d14b1f965b503b85da635a7f0b5760fMARKDOWN_HASH class provides a new “priority” property with three associated constants: MARKDOWN_HASHc44ec0a1dd4e62ff0ca3be633d20c769MARKDOWN_HASHMARKDOWN_HASH6e0af54bc2f033640108dbb32b390d5cMARKDOWN_HASH, and MARKDOWN_HASHf4b1c15ae87bd03c20629b33bf23929dMARKDOWN_HASHMARKDOWN_HASHe43ec4d582461cd1770da977a28afcdbMARKDOWN_HASH priorities can be used to specify how multiple requests and responses to the same host should be prioritized. Note that the priority is a hint and not a strict guarantee of MARKDOWN_HASHe43ec4d582461cd1770da977a28afcdbMARKDOWN_HASH performance.

For complete usage details of MARKDOWN_HASHe43ec4d582461cd1770da977a28afcdbMARKDOWN_HASH priorities, refer to the MARKDOWN_HASHf11f83ad6ca9dac65a3e13ec31f675baMARKDOWN_HASH header file, which is provided by the Foundation framework.



To activate Wi-Fi Calling functionality for T-Mobile (U.S. only), follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling.

  • Toggle the Wi-Fi Calling switch to ON.

  • If the carrier does not have the user’s registered emergency address, you will be asked to add it before the feature is activated.



  • Maintain a backup of your photo library before enabling and while using iCloud Photo Library beta by:

    • Importing to your Mac using iPhoto

    • Importing to your Mac using Image Capture

  • iCloud Photo Library beta will not download photos and videos that were synced to your device from iTunes. Any photos and videos synced to your device from iTunes will be removed when you enable iCloud Photo Library beta.

  • iPhoto for iOS will not launch on iOS 8 beta. Launching will migrate your iPhoto edits to the iOS 8 Photo Library. Make sure your iPhoto for iOS data is included in your device backup.

  • The ability to automatically optimize device space is enabled for all accounts larger than 5GB.

  • When using iCloud Family Sharing, both iCloud Photo Sharing and My Photo Stream are enabled.

Provisioning Profiles

Known Issue

If you have upgraded to the 8.2 beta from previous iOS 8 betas you may see your apps crashing due to provisioning profile issues.


  1. Connect the device via USB to your Mac.

  2. Launch Xcode.

  3. Choose Window > Devices.

  4. Right click on the device in left column, choose “Show Provisioning Profiles”.

  5. Click on the provisioning profile in question.

  6. Press the “-” button.

  7. Continue to removing all affected profiles.

  8. Re-install the app.


Fixed in beta 2

Siri support for Singapore English was disabled in the previous beta.



  • MARKDOWN_HASH1918b98ebabb17db4cc1f0879b128aa4MARKDOWN_HASH has a default value of YES for MARKDOWN_HASH1a5e09bcdb073af26132b8db4547de27MARKDOWN_HASH. This differs from the normal MARKDOWN_HASHc72be09f2cdc5c55a1e77ddaafc42b51MARKDOWN_HASH default of NO.

  • The MARKDOWN_HASH72a9fb05b5d7d628d955cd98c55b0bacMARKDOWN_HASH and MARKDOWN_HASHabf8af6bfa5b2308f92c815d30a7ab13MARKDOWN_HASH APIs have been removed. Please use the MARKDOWN_HASH6e7983cf7ec00c56fa6b0aac41ffc757MARKDOWN_HASH property instead.



  • The MARKDOWN_HASH8d8fc2c99397f2b72c662d790873d756MARKDOWN_HASH API has changed. Specifically, MARKDOWN_HASHee5c9a2c6b8b8cfe8b0c12443c685c60MARKDOWN_HASH and MARKDOWN_HASHfb146827af6faaabfc4f1ba531bf97fcMARKDOWN_HASH have been replaced by MARKDOWN_HASH0c419907b7fe33552dd29fbbdf49a5faMARKDOWN_HASH and MARKDOWN_HASHb4673169c56e1c0220c5a0189345783dMARKDOWN_HASHrespectively.

  • The MARKDOWN_HASHa3839e70a76ed3573ca9c8873b64e506MARKDOWN_HASH method MARKDOWN_HASH438b12f01887cad67013bb6d0be06829MARKDOWN_HASH has been deprecated. Please use MARKDOWN_HASH9d49a3f7ec8e12a20ef2496b6760f464MARKDOWN_HASH instead. The designated initializer for MARKDOWN_HASHa3839e70a76ed3573ca9c8873b64e506MARKDOWN_HASH is now MARKDOWN_HASHc475067449db82e5330bf3f703fbce2eMARKDOWN_HASH.

  • A WatchKit app can ask its containing iOS app to perform functionality using the MARKDOWN_HASHa3839e70a76ed3573ca9c8873b64e506MARKDOWN_HASH API MARKDOWN_HASHf2da07a9765e5a11eae43b85a55fd2faMARKDOWN_HASH. The app delegate of the containing app must implement MARKDOWN_HASH2e43bba7efd6ea6e78e38c25746a01f3MARKDOWN_HASH.

  • A page-based WatchKit app can dynamically resequence the pages at the root level using MARKDOWN_HASH6999c05630010a8482c15dc5e259fc53MARKDOWN_HASH.

  • Rows in a MARKDOWN_HASHffc2cdff6d99096783fc197102926758MARKDOWN_HASH now have a default appearance. This appearance can be overridden by specifying the values for background color, margin, corner radius, and height for the row in Interface Builder.

Fixed in beta 2

  • Clicking on a notification’s icon/body in the watch window does not launch the main app in iOS Simulator.

  • When you click Build and Run it doesn’t launch the watch window.

  • The custom sash color for notification controllers does not currently appear in Interface Builder but does in iOS Simulator.

  • Installing WatchKit apps may stop working in iOS Simulator.

  • The MARKDOWN_HASHa3839e70a76ed3573ca9c8873b64e506MARKDOWN_HASH method MARKDOWN_HASH22335040f011c8cb86ed4b4cd41afba4MARKDOWN_HASH does not work in iOS Simulator.

Known Issues

  • In iOS Simulator, the Emoji button is always visible, regardless of the selected input mode.

  • The MARKDOWN_HASHa3839e70a76ed3573ca9c8873b64e506MARKDOWN_HASH method MARKDOWN_HASHc6cb41029beacac06344bc54dce1cbecMARKDOWN_HASH is not fully supported in iOS Simulator. Text suggestions work, but Dictation and Emoji do not.

Wi-Fi Calling (T-Mobile US only)


The carrier name in the status bar will show “T-Mobile Wi-Fi” when the device is able to make and receive Wi-Fi calls.



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